Empowering Conversations Around Body Safety


This parenting gig is hard!

Go to school on time? Check! Water safety and swimming lessons? Check! Road safety? Check!

Respectful relationships and communication? Body safety and protective behaviours? Ummm… what?

Parenting communication has A LOT to do with body safety and protective behaviours in children. The way we use discipline, punishments and rewards determines how our children grow up and learn about emotions, their bodies, and self-worth. This in turn, affects our children’s ability for problem-solving, critical thinking and assertiveness skills.

If you are looking for parenting support and resources that raise empathetic, considerate, safe and happy children… then you’re in the right place!

1 in 5 Australian Children Will Experience…

It’s not drowning, or car accidents. Water safety and traffic safety education and prevention has worked. Which is why it’s now time for body safety, protective behaviours and respectful relationships education to be on the agenda.

Unfortunately, 1 in 5 Australian children will experience sexual abuse before they turn 18 years years. Chances are you know someone who has been sexually abused. Don’t let history repeat itself.

We get it. It can be very confronting, overwhelming and downright awkward to bring up body safety and personal boundaries. And when is the right age to start, anyway?

Wait… what is body safety education?

Body safety and protective behaviours education covers how to name, understand and recognise feelings (EQ), our amazing natural bodies (public, private and personal body parts), understanding consent, assertive communication skills, and critical thinking skills.

Do those sound like qualities and skills that you’d like your child to have?

Safe & Happy Kids provides home-grown Australian resources to help you get your child well-versed in body safety in a slightly off-beat, educational and age-appropriate manner!

Our children’s resources are bright, colourful and educational. Our parent resourcesĀ helpĀ parents to remove the shame, fear and mind-blocks surrounding talking about the body, consent and respectful relationships.

If this sounds like stuff you need; browse around Safe & Happy Kids or join us on Facebook or Twitter!

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